Specialties and Services


Why Therapy Services?

Life is hectic, full of appointments and meetings, leaving little or no time to stop and appreciate family, friends, and you. It is easy to become overwhelmed and isolated. When focusing on the truly important things in life, it all comes down to people and relationships.

Although I work with many different clients and issues, some of my specialties are:


There is no standardized yardstick for determining whether you should seek therapy for a particular issue.  Just as each person is different; your reactions to various events and problems are different. A particular event may be devastating for one person and barely register for another.  Much depends on your personal history and your coping skills.

If you feel distress or not: if you find that something is taking a toll on your well-being or your relationships, then the odds are that you can benefit from therapy, regardless of what the specific issue may be.

“Life can be complicated, but happiness is simple.” ~ Unknown

Please accept my offer of a free 30-minute initial consultation.
(I accept credit cards and some insurance.)