Sandwich Generation


Are you part of the millions of people caught between caring for your aging parents while raising your own children or grandchildren? If so, you are in a rapidly growing group known as the Sandwich Generation.  How do you find time and energy to handle the needs of your parents, care for your family and home, work at your job, and nurture yourself?  It is hard to balance everything and stay sane.

Multigeneration family reading storybook in living room

Our population is living longer and Baby Boomers are often part of the Sandwich Generation and seniors at the same time. The vast majority of caregivers are women, for her parents and his. Commonly, these caretakers do it alone because either no one else will help or no one else can help.


Our society “says” adults take care of themselves. Teens dream of getting their driver’s license just for this reason. We pride ourselves on our independence and feel that something is wrong with us when we cannot.

Ultimately, most of us will need assistance and have to deal with a “Role Reversal.” Role Reversal is when the traditional roles of parent and child turn upside down-exchanging roles. Many of their decisions are being turned over to caregivers. How frightening, isolating, and uncomfortable to see your energy, health, memory, and strength diminishing.

I have been in the caregiver role myself. So many emotions and issues need to be faced and dealt with. It is the elephant in the living room that everyone pretends is invisible.  Not talking about it allows the situation to grow. Talking about it releases the stress, even when there is nothing else to be done.

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The link below is my interview with Sandra Cherry about the Sandwich Generation.

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