Welcome to the Sandwich Generation

Are you a part of the millions of people caught between caring for your aging parents while raising your own children or grandchildren? If so, you are part of a rapidly growing percentage of the population, known as the Sandwich Generation, that struggles with this same dilemma. How do find time and energy to handle the needs of your parents, care for your family and home, work at your job, and nurture yourself?

In this interview, Judi Lirman., LMFT, discusses how to manage the seemingly endless tasks while holding onto your sanity. Judi shares from her own experiences of caring for her parents while working and raising her own child. She explains the emotional toll that comes with the role reversal that takes place, as well as the fears of your own mortality.

Always together

Click on the link below to learn more about how you can carry on during this emotional and overwhelming time. Please forward this email to anyone you think might benefit from it.

I want to thank Sandra Cherry, of Concierge Services for Seniors, for giving her the opportunity to help others with this interview on Sandra’s show on BlogTalkRadio.

Sandra Cherry Interviews Judi Lirman, LMFT

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