Robin Williams said, “No Matter What People Tell You…

“Many of us feel the painful, profound impact of Robin Williams’ suicide.He touched us through humor, acting and his basic core humanity that shone through…We reel inside…our hearts struggle to take in the contrast,’ How could one who possessed such talent, had such energy, and brought so much joy to the world, take his own life’….How are we to know if our friend wears a mask? How are others to know if we do too?” ~Jim Thomas
Robin Williams
A young man gave me this to share. He
knows these feelings much too well.
 “As someone who’s been in that place (depression), a place where after. A place where you just stop feeling all together, no feelings. No joy, no sadness, nothing. Not even pain.
The best way I can describe it is that your life is this flame and you feel emotions and passion it burns bright.  But when you suffer from severe depression that fire burns down to nothing. And, when you get to that place of nothingness, it’s like the pilot light of your life has gone out, like a Dementor’s kiss (written based on J.K. Rowling’s own experiences with depression) that sucks out everything that make you who you are, makes you human, right out of you.
It’s a disease that can strike anyone, doesn’t always leave the most notable physical symptoms, and can be fatal.
So please, when you see someone who starts to lose interest in life, stops caring about anything, stops going to school, won’t eat, leave their room, get them help.  Don’t tell a person dying of cancer to get over it.  Don’t tell someone battling depression to get over it.  Because we can’t.  Not on our own.”

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